Phone Calls

An appointment scheduled at our office reserves the psychiatrists time and attention.  As such, the same rate is charged regardless of the method of communication.  Visits may occur in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing.  These visits are charged as below:

  • Brief telephone calls (<10 minutes) are not charged

CPT: 99441

  • Intermediate phone calls (about 15 minutes)

CPT: 99442

Should you run out of your medications early and/or require a refill, between sessions I will most likely need to schedule an intermediate phone evaluation to discuss your current medication response before prescribing.
  • Lengthly/Involved phone calls involving emergency management or therapy (about 30 minutes)

CPT: 99443

Online Evaluation and Management 

This is used primarily for documentation purposes and is almost never charged, though you may notice it on your invoice next to a $0 balance

CPT: 99444


Brief documentation is not charged. This may include one-page letters of various sorts.
More extensive documentation (including disability paperwork) is charged per page, but don’t worry – all fees will be discussed before you are charged.

CPT: 90855/90889

Coordination with Outside Providers 

Although this is rarely charged, extensive advocacy on behalf of the patient to a system of care (insurance providers, other physicians and non-physicians, school administrators, etc.) will be charged at the same rate as a face-to-face visit.

CPT: 90882, 99366, 99367, 99368

Emergency visits

At Kelly Psychiatric Associates, we understand that in an emergency the last thing you want to worry about is the fee. We agree – the most important thing is to bring you to safety!  That said, emergencies will typically require significant subsequent time and work in coordinating with outside entities/hospitals, phone calls, documentation, etc.  Rather than billing for all of this separately, this is bundled into the visit fee.  It is listed as “interactive complexity,” and is a simple fee multiplier of 1.5x to the visit.

CPT: + 90785

FEE: 1.5x normal visit fee for service provided