Kelly Psychiatric Associates is not in network with any insurance companies

Many mental health providers do not participate with insurance.  Kelly Psychiatric Associates is one such practice.  This does not mean that you cannot use your insurance to see our providers, only that the process is more involved.  

1. You Pay the Fees Up Front

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered.  After we receive payment, we will provide you with a receipt, titled a "Superbill."  This document will include certain critical pieces of information, including what are called CPT codes and diagnostic codes, which insurance uses for billing.

2. You submit a claim to your insurance using the Superbill

Many insurances in fact reimburse at the out of network rate, which is typically 70% (this is the rate we use to calculate your OOP, or out-of-pocket, costs listed on our fee schedule).  In order to file a claim, you would either call your insurance company (the number is typically listed on the back of your insurance card) or go to their website.

3. In about 4 weeks, you should receive repayment

Your insurance company will mail you a check for the portion of the fee that they reimburse.  The insurance company and doctor do not communicate directly, leaving control and privacy in your hands.  

If you prefer to go directly through your insurance...

Understandably, many patients prefer to use a mental health provider who participates directly with insurance.  This is perfectly understandable, and you may choose to do so at any time while taking part in our practice.  In fact, many patients choose to see us for an initial expert evaluation and treatment plan, and then take this plan to their provider of choice in their insurance.  We would be happy to help you and your family in whatever way works best for you!